What is Reiki Music?

In the world of holistic therapies, every resource we use has multidimensional effects, and so is in the case of Reiki music i.e., Reiki sound therapy.

While listening to soothing music, we can just flow and move in the sphere of peace the music creates. The heartbeat slows, blood pressure decreases, respiration deepens. As we simply surrender to the pleasure of listening, the body seizes the opportunity to turn on its healing mechanisms and truly profound relaxation, rejuvenation, recovery and healing can occur.

Music or sound therapy has been used to treat disorders such as stress, grief, depression, schizophrenia and autism in children, and to diagnose mental health needs.

The music touches the heart and soul, opening the doorways to healing on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It clears all blockages and thus, fastens the healing. It creates the perfect aural backdrop to aid in stress reduction and recovery from illnesses.

Reiki is a way of harmonizing the chakras while offering a deep state of relaxation and thus, allowing the body to release ‘hormones’ to heal the body. It is a nice way to reduce stress, anxiety and pain from the body. Being a laying on hands technique, and having its roots in the Japanese culture, imaginary symbols are projected in the air to channel energies and thus, healings.

Combining Reiki and music, gives marvelous results and accelerates the healing. Reiki healing music when played during the Reiki healing process, enables the mind to feel at ease in order to enable the body to be in the perfect zone for the process to work accordingly. This kind of music is slow, truly relaxing, deeply introspective, serenely beautiful, soothing and pure. It enables deep concentration and relaxation, and ensures the mood is not interrupted. It does not include high pitched notes or sounds that are sharp to the ear.

The music does not even have to go hand in hand with the healing process. It can be played at home, workplace, while walking, at salons, spas and whenever you require to be relaxed.

When one is meditating, Reiki music enables to clear the mind of any distractions and allows to focus solely on the relaxation process and thus, cleaning blockages and enhancing the flow of this vital Life Force Energy.

Reiki healing music is composed in special frequencies that deeply relax the brain and calms it.

Reiki Music For Good Night / Good Sleep/ Bon Nuit

There are also special Reiki music that enhance sleep. These are slightly different from the other ones used for focusing and meditation. This sleep inducing music allows the brain to relax and slip away in a safe place, thus enabling the brain to fall asleep faster, easier, without distractions, and letting go off all the worry and suffering that keeps you awake. It simply manifests a real Good Night!

Reiki Music for Forgetting Pain

There is also pain eliminating special Reiki music. This type of music soothes the body in a special way allowing secretion of hormones that present the brain from experiencing too much pain. It eases the body and soothes the mind to keep it from focusing on the pain

Benefits of Reiki music

Joining therapeutic music to the healing process of Reiki, the effects of both techniques are amplified. The benefits of this recipe of Reiki + Music are:

  1. Spiritual healing: As most of this music uses sounds and vibrations and instruments related to the origin of the universal; i.e., gongs and Tibetan bowls and bells and nature, Reiki Music brings you closer to the spirit and original identity, which is the base for real happiness and the manifestation of your inner power, to be self-confident and self-loving every day.
  2. Emotional Benefits: With a well done Reiki therapy, the music helps to relieve emotional blockages that kept you away from the plenitude of your soul. Meditating with this music helps you to remember that the emotions are just physical reactions that help us to react efficiently to the stimuli we perceive, and they are not meant to control/rule our mind.
  3. Physical healing: Even though Reiki is a holistic practice, its effects as well as the effects of its music, are better concentrated on the spiritual, mental and emotional self. Its impact on the physical body is indirect, by healing those dimensions that belong to any of the fields. Reiki music can have a direct physical effect on the body if we play good bowls or bells or any other therapeutic instrument during the sessions in a good acoustic room, with the right track and at a high volume without being disturbed.

In this way, the impact of the reverberations of this music in the body will optimize the effectiveness of the entire/ whole Reiki practice.

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