What is Reiki, History of Reiki and Reiki Healing

It is a spiritual healing art. The work Reiki comes from the Japanese word ‘REI” meaning universal Life and ‘KI’ meaning Energy. It is not affiliated to any caste or religion, not is based on any massage, physio, or belief. It is spiritually guided life force energy.

It is the life force energy that flows through all living beings. A person’s ‘KI’ or energy should be strong and free flowing which can lead to a positive state of body and mind and soul. Reiki helps to cure all physical, mental and emotional blockages.

Reiki is A hands on healing technique, and is the simplest but most powerful of all healing arts. Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy present in each and every being. The human body, its thoughts and emotions are composed of energy oscillating at various frequencies. Deases vibrations lead to diseases, whereas the free vibrations lead to natural, good health, beauty, abundance, satisfaction, peace and overall well-being.

Reiki can release the restrictions and bondages, and keep experience vibrant health and balance, restoring, happiness, success, freedom, unity and good health.

History of Reiki ?

Reiki is the substeature or underlying nature of each and everything. It exists everywhere and in everything; whether living or non-living. It can be experience by everyone at every moment. It was discovered by a Buddhist Monk named ‘Dr. Mikao Usui’ in the mid1800s. But, by profession he was neither a Doctor nor a Monk. He was a school teacher by profession. One day, one of his students asked him a question; ‘How did Jesus use his Hands to correct the problems and illnesses of every being, which vanished immediately, and all the pain and suffering was gone’. The question was very innocent. But it planted a seed in Dr. Usui’s heart, and deon him curious leading to path that he would return from, only after finding the secret of the Lightening Flash that could heal all the sufferings of mankind. It was the beginning of a 28 year long journey. He travelled to many different countries, read their ancient texts, learnt languages, various practices and preaching. He also visited India to studied the holy books and shastras, went to Tibet and studied the Bodha granthas, and China and studied Ancient Chinese Texts and Granthas.

Then he went back to Japan, and travelled to the Holy mountain of Kori Yama, where he believed would bless him with the Divine Energy. But on the 21st  morning, he was frustrated, about to give up and leave, and suddenly, the miracle happened. A great spiritual energy comes down into the top of his head, and he was blessed. The energy also bought with itself the Reiki Ryoho: the ability to heal.

On his way back, he stopped in the slums of Kyoto, to treat beggars and poor people. However, he noticed that the same people were returning. When he asked for the reason, he was told that it was much easier to go on begging than to start a new life. So here comes the principle of not just giving away the divine energy to heal, but talking something in return. So that the Divine Energy be valued, and benefitted to the full.

Dr.Usui adjusted the teachings to each student. Reiki is an opportunity for each individual to awaken their true nature, and attain a high attered state of consciousness.

Dr. Usui then spread the light and knowledge of Reiki with love and kindness to all who asked and needed. This is why he is known as the ‘Father of Reiki’. It is one duty to keep the spirit alive, and keep spreading Reiki with the same love and kindness.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is pure Grace. Reiki simply transcends the mind. Laying on hands on another person, innates his/her intelligence to draw whatever it needs. Simply by one’s intention to share a treatment, the energy begins to be drawn into the other. It calms the mind and raises the Life Force Healing Energy. When we make a judgement about something, it gets stored in the cells of the flesh in forms of physical or emotional blockages. Emotions are a reaction to thoughts or situations. Since they disturb the natural frequencies, the results are headaches, tension, stomache, migration and depressions. Rage, grief and anger result into tumors and all. By simply bying on of hands, the person can draw whatever energy they need. Hence, Reiki heals by raising our Natural Life Force Frequency.

Reiki healing can be done in the following 3 ways:-

  1. Present Healing- The physical presence in which the healer lays his hands so that the receiver gets energy.
  2. Distance Healing/ Remote Healing/ Absent Healing- the receiver is physically somewhere else, and the sender creates a connection or contact with him, enabling healing overseas also.

Intensive Healing/Reiki Emergency Healing- In case of heart attacks, accidental emergences, chronics and other serious issues, a fast relief is provided.

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