What is Garden Reiki?

Trees, plants, flowers, grass- all have a bio-energetic network which knows how to receive and distribute energy for optimal balances. Withered, Dull, sad and struggling plants can all be rescued with this life force energy. They can be restored to vibrant colors and radiance.

To channel Reiki to a plant first concentrate as usual to make sure you’re honoring the Divine Consciousness and not yourself for the healing. Then proceed just as you would for a person. Scan the plant to feel which part wants the most Reiki & allow the plant & the Reiki to guide you. If it is in a pot, place your hands around the pot to energize the roots, then the other parts. Send affirmations. End the treatment with a grateful thought to Reiki and for the Divine Grace that allows for healing.

You can also see the etheric Energy of the plants with naked eyes. Try it when the sky is clear as well as the background. Take a few deep breaths, relax, allow your eyes to soften and simply perceive a silvery white layer extending from the plant. This is the vital etheric energy of the plant. When a plant receives Reiki, it is rebalancing and replenishing the Life Energy.

There is something very peaceful and soothing about spending time with plants in this way. It’s always profound to connect with nature so deeply and humbling to experience the intelligence of life that has been here so much longer than we have.

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