What are healing stones, cystal healing, natural healing ?

Healing Stones have been used since time immemorial for treating various problems and diseases. They are also known for bringing and restoring peace and prosperity in life. The Egyptians, Greek, Americans, Mayans, Indians have all been known to have made use of these. They have a beautiful appearance, and thus, help in treating with aesthetics. They can be worn in the form of jewelry also for long lasting and continuous benefits.

If you’re aware of yourself and your subconscious, you can easily feel the energy of the stones and crystals. It requires no PhD or expert skills. It’s just the mind power.

You can even store energy in these stones and crystals, which can be used when and wherever required.

Several types of healing stones are available. All are associated with their specific chakras, problems and planets. These healing stones work no less than magic.

The healing stone therapy practice is ancient as the rocks themselves. And hence, can be trusted.

Natural Health

In this fast flowing era of urbanization and globalization, everyone is so busy with their careers, goals, targets, jobs, deadlines, incentives, studies and all, that we end up stuffing ourselves with emotional, mental and physical backlogs. Negativity, stress, Anxiety, Depression, blood pressure, sugar/diabetes, frustration, insomnia anger, are just a few to name that can today be found in almost every home. The new trends in lifestyle, have deteriorated the health in all aspects. The experiements with mother earth- deforstration, urbanization, installation of towers, industrialization, have all resulted in impure air, land, and water. Also, the gadgets and electronics based life has done no prosperity to health in any dimension mobiles, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners vehicles all have contributed in destroying the life quality. The use of synthetic clothes, plastic utensils, allopathic medicines, health supplements, frozen foods, junk food, soft drinks, alcohol, tabacco, all have disturbed the physical, mental and emotional balances of the destruction of trust, peace, and harmony; which in turn destroys our relationships. The continuous disturbance in mental and emotional levels of a human body, gives rise to physical problems and is the basis for each and every disease and health issue that exists/occurs on this planet.

Also, the continuous and over exposure of the health system to various chemicals and medicines have stopped the benefits that could be derived from these, rather, the so called side-effects and negative reactions have emerged at a faster pace.

One to this only, the intelligent people of our country have at times, and still are encouraging people and the youth to move towards alternative therapies. India is a country with rick culture and heritage and with this, it stores a great treasure of alternative medicines, treatments and therapies also. There are known to exist 106 in total. Ayurveda, homeopathy, acupressure, are a few to name.

But all of these have certain steps, guidelines, procedure to follow. No doubt, thay are good therapies, but the foundation of a healthy life states it to be natural, and only natural.

The only way to achieve this naturally, is

  • A healthy natural green/colorful balanced diet and exercise plan for a healthy body.
  • A stress free happy and clean environment for a healthy mind
  • And a daily devotion to meditation for a healthy soul

And of course, Reiki provides the best 3 in 1 plan for a healthy mind, body and soul.

Crystal Healing

‘Crystal Healing’ is now-a-days the most trendy and trusted healing forms. Also, there have been numerous cases in which Crystal Healing has shown excellent results. Whether it is a problem related to health, wealth, relationship, career, emotions, study- Crystal Healing has shown unbelievable results in all dimensions. Also, the side-effects caused due to pollution, urbanization, industrialization, deforestation, radiations from towers, electronic appliances, mobile phones etc. can all be defeated using the powers of Crystal Healing and creating a protective barrier against all these.

History of Crystal Healing

The use of crystals has been made from the Ancient times. And crystals have been known to exist on earth even before life. The Chinese, Japanese, maya dynasty, Sanurai Dynasty- all have known to have used Crystals, either in form of jewelry or in other ways. Also, the bible and Quran also have references of crystals in one way or the other. The ‘Kalp-vriksha’ reference in the Ramayana is also form or type of crystals.

Crystals are basically a form of stones and are derived from nature only. They are colorful, bright shiny and are available in various sizes and shapes.

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