Tell the Universe You Deserve it – and You’ll Get it!!

Once you decide that you really deserve all you want, you’ll be surprised at how super quickly the Universe aligns with your positive thoughts. This is one of the best yet secret part of the “Law of Attraction”.

Believe in your vision of success and flip your self-doubt into self-belief. Activate your energy centers with a vision of desire, and of course, with the belief that you deserve all those desires, transform your thoughts, emotions, energy and vibration to infinite faith and belief in yourself and your dreams.

Use the following 5 easy steps of self-love and self-belief and you’ll be amazed with the changes and delightness in your life:-

  1. Begin each morning as if your Dream has come true:Wake up every morning with a zest that you’re entering your dream life; before getting out of bed, sit for a while and imagine you have got everything you’d desired for, imagine all your dreams coming true, imagine for a very good day ahead. Then wake up happily and dress your best as if you are going to your dream job, or you’re gonna drive your dream car, or you’re going to meet the love of your life, and a self belief- that you are the best and remember to trigger any old realities coming in the way of your beautiful thoughts. The Law of Belief states: “Belief becomes reality”. In order to effectively harness the creative energies flowing through you, you must bring your care beliefs into alignment with reality you wish to manifest.
  2. Anything that frustrates or irritates you – Just live today as it is your last: Anything that you find frustrating, irritating or demoralizing you, simply take a deep breath, relax and imagine and ensure yourself that this is the one last time you have to face it. Emerge stronger and say it goodbye. Whether its frustration at work, those downtimes of loneliness, those unpaid bills, an old tacky scooter, that traffic jam, anything! Ensure yourself it’s over, and it will be fine tomorrow and smile.
  3. Spoil Yourself A little and Find The New You-spend some  time spoiling yourself and treat yourself as if you’re living you’re dream life. Make new friends, join something you like- some sports, or a music n dance class, buy yourself a new dress, treat yourself with a hazelnut chocolate or brownie, anything that makes you smile & happy.
  4. Switch your Attitude To Now Or Never- Find the richness and abundance in each and every moment of life; tell yourself that you’re God’s best creation and you’re on earth to enjoy life to the fullest. Whenever you get into negative self-talks, Grab yourself out of it and change the channel! Clam down-take a deep breath, and try figuring out something or anything good in the moment. Direct yourself in doing something your life and enjoy – listening music, paintings, reading or simply take a few steps or a short walk.
  5. Give yourself a tight huge and A treat:  At times, inspite of our best intentions to be positive and trials to stay on track, that inner voice gives up! Its time to get up again and say yourself that ‘its ok, its fine. You did the best you could.’ Try imagining and giving your inner critic a big and tight hug. It may actually be trying to protect you, help you survive, or trying to save you from getting hurt from something unknown. Try listening to its fears, then gently tell yourself that they are not longer relevant to you, & your growth; that you no longer need to remain in your comfort zone. Emerge a more powerful you; who is ready to grow and expand, though it can be a scary process, even when we are growing towards the very life that we dream of.

Don’t push against your inner critic and voice. The more we push against something, the more resistance we create, and this just empowers and strengthens the very  thing we are trying to push away. Think of your inner critic as a true and concerned friend. Give that inner friend a hug. & give yourself a nice treat & relax yourself, maybe with a cup of coffee and a donut (maybe metamorphical) and tell yourself – you’re going good. The present will fade away and your dream is on its way!


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