Reiki Rays -To Bring The dead to Life

Cough in the web of careers, education, jobs, goals, salaries, house works, bills, stress, depression, suppression, abuse, physical ailments, health issues and never ending demands of this so called civilized society, some of us are a machine. Working 24×7 just to satisfy all these life needs which are basic wearing a smile on face does not mean we are happy and content from real deep inside.

But all these monotonous daily life habits kill us from inside. We are unable to enjoy the real essence of nature and life god has made the world so beautiful. He made rainbows, hills, mountains, springs, waterfalls, flowers, butterflies, beaches, birds, forests, but, in our busy schedules, we forget to enjoy and appreciate these. For those who cannot spare to travel, and enjoy these, we must at least go to a nearly park of such natural place and taste these or the other way round is to sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, alive deep inside and meditate.

All that life that was boring, monotonous and stress, turns out to be cheerful, happy and contented. Combining it with the blessings of Reiki, even dead from inside ones can wake up, cheer, sing, dance and smile.

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