Reiki Healing, Reiki Massage, Reiki Symbols

Reiki is a holistic therapy that takes care of all the three levels of physical, mental and emotional. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy which is all pervasive. Its modern manifestation was made known to us by Mr. Mikao Usui, a Zen Buddhist follower. He propounded that Universal Energy, which is available in abundance, can be channeled by a Reiki attuned person and can further be transferred to a needy one. After Dr. Usui’s ascension Reiki spread throughout the world and its many branches with numerous overtones also mushroomed. But its surprising healing effects have not been blurred despite the modern medical fraternity’s doubts and skepticism.

Madam Hawayo Takato, an American of Japanese origin, was initiated into Reiki when the Reiki movement was just taking its roots, she introduced Reiki symbols to further bolster the efficacy of the healing process. Scientifically any symbol is a graphic to help the subconscious mind to attune itself as a healing tool. Later in the day numerous symbols were introduces by different Reiki Grand Masters as per their convenience and need. Nowadays, Reiki healing, mostly, is considered incomplete without the application of Reiki Symbols. The whole Universe is nothing but energy. It is propounded that it is 99.9% energy therefore our physical body is also energy. It is presumed that the subtle human body is composed of seven vibrant energy centres know as chakras. The Life Force Energy or “Prana” is always spinning and rotating. The human body is mainly energized by the seven major chakras when these chakras are moving and spinning the human body is fit and fine. The reverse of it makes the body as stagnant and imbalanced. Reiki is one of the healing systems to tone up and reverberate these chakras. To further the healing process a number of tools and symbolic graphics have been used from time to time.

Recently a new procedure, Reiki massage, has been tried by a few Grand Masters of Reiki. Massage, as we know is a body toning process. Massage is understood as a medical treatment of Chinese origin. Presently massaging is an accredited therapy in its various forms. To become a massage therapist one has to successfully pass the accredited courses or programs to be become a massage licensee. Reiki on the other hand is mostly free of any kind of licensing etc. Some practitioners have started to take good advantage of both the therapies. Reiki now has also been made a part of massaging by a few spas and saloons. The services of Reiki healing are provided in case such a necessity is required. It is also referred to as “Reiki Massage”. Many massage therapy schools has made arrangements for learning Reiki healing techniques to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.

However, Reiki is a journey which starts with healing but can be taken to astral level of salvation. Massaging is devoid of anything like this. It must be understood that Reiki is supreme and will always remain supreme.


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