When It comes to treating addictions, be it alcohol, smoking, even soft-drinks, sleep, tea, coffee, drugs any kind of addictions and even workaholics –the work addicted, each and every kind of addiction can be healed with this Universal Life Force Energy. Although, there is no “One Size Fits All” approach to the recovery process, but the Recovery is assured.

Each one has his own story to tell, but the destination for everyone is same – A happy and peaceful restored life, with balance and harmony.

Recovery in these cases is an intensely personal journey, which is why Reiki is such an excellent tool for those who are walking this journey. Reiki Energy always and always flows to wherever it is needed the most. It works with the individual to meet them where they are on their journey.

Reiki is intelligent in a way; it knows where to start and is wonderful in helping the outcomes of withdrawal of addictions also. People find them addicted to substances for a wide variety of reasons. Often, people also try attempting to push away emotional issues that are extremely painful & there might also be issues that they might not even themselves to remind of those. Reiki helps to heal these deep- seated emotional issues that would otherwise go unresolved and may cause relapse in the future. It is very soothing. It can heal feelings of guilt, excess worry, and harsh judgment about oneself, anxiety and hopelessness.

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