Aura Scanning Of Human Body

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DIGITAL AURA SCANNERLatest revolution in
scanning system
WHAT IS DAS?DAS is a thermal Imaging System that was developed by Dr.N.K.Sharma and his technical team in the year 2007. DAS is recognized internationally as an effective ‘Biofield Imaging System’. It reveals the interference of light patterns, at and beyond, the visible spectrum and shows energy dynamics at work. The theory is based on the fact that our eyes see in two principal ways; amplitude and fre¬quency changes. Firstly, in amplitude changes, low light gives small amplitude changes whereas bright light gives larger ones. Secondly, we see in color, represented by frequency changes – Red has long wavelengths and slow oscillations per second, whereas Violet has shorter wavelength yet faster oscillations.

DAS is used in many ways around the world, from medical and clinical research, to energy field as¬sessment and validating healing techniques. It highlights areas of well-being and disease with clear patterns and colors. The system shows similarities and differences within the body and energy fields. The DAS system also comes with various light interpretation formulas that make DAS possible.

HOW DOES IT WORK?DAS is a revolutionary imaging system that requires an ordinary Digital Camera and a ordinary computer. Subjects are placed against a white background using full-spectrum lighting. Pictures are then taken and processed by the computer so we can see the energy field as a series of patterns on the full color monitor. Each color has a different frequency and, in this system, they represent a different stage and a different condition.

By looking at the DAS picture, we are able to energetically assess the energy field of a person and literally see energy blocks, leakages, areas of inflammation or depletion in the field.

Through specially developed software, DAS looks at photon (light) interference and its changes in and around the body. The innovation is in the computer programming, which allocates a number to each specific grade or frequency of light and then re-codes every number into the visible light range so we can see it. DAS uses software on a PC with a digital image feed and scans the energy level and light interference. An image is displayed on the computer after it has been processed by the DAS. Energy intensity differences can be distinguished that would otherwise be impossible to see with the human eye. We don’t see the difference in energy absorption with our own eyes because we use heuristics that generalize colors, patterns and shapes so that we can better distinguish borders and objects.

WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ENERGY FIELD?We are not only made of physical matter. Our body is the physical manifestation of a wider energy field which vibrates at different levels of refinement, and our energy field (both physical and non-physical) carries the results of everything that has happened to us in our lifetime, including accidents, illnesses, stress, etc. If our energy field is not cleared and balanced, we develop an imbalanced energetic pattern and this can cause disruption at many levels, and possibly disease.

WHAT DOES IT SHOW?Scanning a client enables a practitioner to make an energy field assessment, which leads to a better understanding of their health trajectory. Areas of well-being are indicated by a mixture of lighter, brighter, balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry and colors, with diseased and stressed areas showing as distorted, darker and congested pools of energy. When used, the operator and client can uncover the root disharmonies of their disease and DAS therefore enables effective monitoring of a client’s ongoing condition.

WHAT ALL AREAS CAN BE COVERED WITH THE HELP OF DAS?DAS can be used for the detection of Vastu, Objects and Human energies. DAS is capable of giving stupendous results in comparison to even MRI & CAT ScanningBENEFITS OF AURA SCAN

  • You can see the true root cause of your disease
  • You can see all the Seven Chakras (Glands)
  • Vital force (Body Energy Level) Acid / Alkaline balance / High Acidity & Stress full areas)
  • You can see Vatt, Kaph, Pitta Body Healthy & defective internal Parts
  • Effects of environment & vastu Energy Leakage (Depletion)
  • Future expected diseases(Pre-mature or initial stage of a upcoming problem)
  • Immediate effects (beneficial or harmful) of any treatment
  • You can evaluate Vastu defects in your House, Factory & Shop etc.
  • Compare the results after vastu corrections.
  • Know the true energy field of Gems, Crystals, Yantra, Tantra, Water, Food, Medicine, Plants all living & non-living items.
Object Photography
Energy healers & Researches can practically prove that everything has energy even non-living object too. Prove scientifically that we can influence every atom (living and non-living object) on this earth. We can also prove & establish many old age Theories & Vedic knowledge.
Regular energy creation builds a strong and healthy aura of any living or non-living thing around you. This is can be seen in the above shown images.

SCANNING VASTU ENERGYBest Vastu experts may lie but DAS would not lie with its ground breaking results. However Vastu Expert would be required to suggest remedies for the occurring problems but DAS would definitely help them find out to what extent the vastu defects are. Any Professional would be handicapped without his tools or may be as a doctor handicapped without the scanning technology. Vastu experts can use this latest advanced scanning technology to bring a paradigm shift in their regular practice and be ahead of time. All Top world renowned Vastu Experts of India & Abroad are using DAS (Digital Aura Scanning) technology with successful conversion ratio and results.

DAS Technology can scan all the positive & negative energies of Vastu. One can practically see the dramatic changes after remedying the defects. Just click the digital camera, transfer images to the computer & our special Aura Software will start processing all your photograph. With a user friendly operation one easily operate and interpret the results.

“An ability to detect illness and energetic disturbances reliably and accurately
in a person’s etheric body days or weeks prior to the appearance of actual
physical symptoms would be truly miraculous”
“Richard Gerberr”

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