How does Reiki Work

Reiki is an art of healing which is passed on to the seeker or the student by the teacher. The process is known as Reiki attunements or initiation. The teacher opens and enables the taught to become a channel to further pass on to others the Universal Energy.

Until one has been attuned, one cannot practise Reiki in the true sense. Depending upon the capability of the teacher, Reiki attunement becomes a powerful experience as all the energy pathways and chakras are opened. Once it is done energy starts flowing freely through the body. This energy rejuvenates one’s body (not only the physical body but mind and soul too) thus relaxing the whole system. A common response of all those who have received the Reiki healing is that all of them liked the healing. Something very relaxing happened to them.

Human body is controlled by the vital force. This vital force is an energy which is responsive to functions of mind, thoughts, feeling, behavioral activities etc. when this vital force, Pran or Chi is distributed, the body responses at three levels, physical, mental and emotional are disheveled and the balance is lost to a certain extent giving rise to the imbalanced body systems. Reiki restores our vital energy field. There is energy and energy all around, Reiki’s function is to channelize this all pervasive and omnipotent force through the healer who conducts the energy to the needy. A Reiki enthusiast is initiated or attuned to this energy healing to direct it in a focused way. Reiki is cosmic and is invoked and then channeled to heal.

Interesting fact of life is that despite the skepticism, Reiki has provided wonderful results and has become worldwide holistic healing therapy. Why it is so. The simple answer will be that Reiki has stood the test of time and that it works.

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