Healing Crystals, Healing Stones and Natural Health

Healing Crystals or Healing Stones are used to dispel the negativity from all the three aspects of physical, mental and emotional levels of a human being. These crystals or stones are worn on body or kept under the pillow to get the required results.

Healing Crystals and Healing Stones are minerals that are believed to have health improving properties. Crystals are, generally, semi-precious whereas stones are both semi-precious or precious. Precious stones are also suggested by astrologists to ward off the malefic effects of different stars. In India this aspect of healing or to achieves certain goals, are pretty common. For instance, the lapis Lazuli or the tiger’s eye etc. Are the stones that are seen worn from common man to high and mighty.

Crystals Quarts or the healing crystals, owing to energy carrying characteristic have been found to be used since time immemorial. Healing crystals are particularly efficacious when empowered to heal the maladies pertaining to body chakras by Reiki healers. These crystals are found in a variety of colors and shapes. These are used to alleviate stress and to improve concentration for meditations etc. Tests conducted at different places and levels proved that water treated with empowered crystals had improved qualities than that of natural water.

Healing crystals are becoming more and more popular with holistic healers such as Reiki. Gemstones, on the other hand have shown limited popularity because of being of high cost with little no research material available.

Natural Health is a phenomenon which has emerged very popular amongst the educated people. A new term, very commonly used is the organic. This term implies anything produced or manufactured without the use of any kind of harmful chemicals or methods that may be detrimental to human health. In the present day hectic life the use of readymade edible commodities is rampart. Enlightenment people are now more conscious of what they eat or drink. Mass movements are making more and people aware of what one should consume to be healthy. To be near to nature as one could be is the present day mantra.

Environmental effect on human life is the most important factor that goes in deciding the fate of the people. Carbon foot printing has played dangerously bad with human life. The water crisis, the world over, is looming large. It is no surprise that natural calamities are order of the day. It is, therefore, imperative that the environmental aspect is taken care of as a duty of every citizen.

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