There are two groups of people in this holistic system of therapeutic art of healing. One who whole heartedly favour the idea that Reiki Attunements can be performed from distance. They also propound that such attunements are effectively result oriented. Their main arguments seeming is logical and appealing to the mind that when Reiki heals a person from distance and that Reiki works beyond time and space that Reiki cannot be bound by time and distance then why the attunement cannot be done from a distance with equal effect. Their reputation as Reiki teachers also testifies that they are very successful in imparting the attunement online or from remote.

The other groups, however has the reservations of not performing attunements from remote. One of the arguments preferred by them is of tradition and linage. They argue that Madam Takata did all initiations in person and that as true followers of Reiki we ought not to break the tradition.

Then there is also the argument of personal touch or the personal compatibility between the teacher and the student. The feeling of love, compassion and respect that comes in presence of each other may not be so strong or may be missing altogether especially when they hardly  know each other. Present attunement prepares ground for lasting bound between the teacher and the taught which may be absent in the case of distance initiations.

It is very certain that when we are face to face of each other, given a particular situation, our feelings and emotions do play an important role of attachment or that of an aversion whereas when we are in contact from a distance emotive factor of love and compassion or respect for the teacher may not be there at all. And we all agree to the point that Reiki is fundamentally Universal Love.

Those in favor of Reiki initiation from remote also argue that it is the intent of the teacher that is the disciple is blessed and that the teacher has the capability and capacity of love and compassion to bless. In this case, the Universe dissolves all barriers of space and time. However some are rigid in their approach, the UK Reiki Federation and UK Reiki Association do not allow attunement by remote. Maybe it is all due to the unethical approach of some of the people in the whole process. They are skeptical and would like to be attuned in person. However, a very pertinent aspect of the problem is for those who live in remote areas where facilities are not available to them, or those who wish to be attuned by a particular Grand Master who does “business” from some other country.

The fundamental question is whether Reiki attunements online or by remote are feasible. We know that Reiki attunement online is in vogue and that too on a very large scale. Now the question whether the results of such attunements are positive and fruitful. It is prevalent worldwide, irrespective of the reservations. When we talk of the unethical approach of some, it is always there and in all fields of life. Unscrupulous characters had been there and will always be there. They will be doing their disservice whether they perform it in person or by remote. There are masters who command respect and are held in high esteem who have done this service from abroad.

In the end we may say that Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. All matter in whatever state is energy. The contact between the teacher and disciple is always there, if the teacher has an open mind and spiritually forthcoming and the taught a true seeker the attunement by remote is effective and Universe always makes things happen.

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