Do crystals have Healing Power?

In the field of holistic healing, Reiki has earned a name for itself. Reiki, in spite of the skeptical nature of the modern medical fraternity, has been able to find a respectable place. Almost all schools of Reiki, Usui School or otherwise have given prominent healing place to the crystals.

Crystals generally the quartz is believed to have beneficial characteristics. Some healers, who are not Reiki exponents, use these stones to alleviate the suffering of their subjects by placing them on the body parts. A Reiki healer will also adopt the same technique but in a slightly different manner. He will first clean and then empower the relevant crystals to be used for healing and is believe to experience very positive results.

But here we are discussing the question whether quartz crystals do have the healing powers or not. In conventional medical field these tools have no value that is why they declare the crystals healing as Pseudo-Science. They say that there is hardly any evidence to say that crystals have any healing properties. Their fundamentals argument is that disease or any ailment is not caused by flow of any energy. Whereas, proponents of energy healing claim that the germination of an ailment or disease does not take place in the physical body rather first of all it causes its presence felt in the bio-magnetic field or Aura. Again the presence of bio-magnetic field is doubted by the scientific community. Notwithstanding all the doubts and skepticism, these healing therapies are carrying on with greater vigor and with very positive results. Most of the time placebo effect is propounded as reason for the amelioration of the symptoms. Then placebo effect has been recognized, now, as relief provider.

It has been proved beyond doubt that quartz crystals, when empowered adequately, work as good as any other healing holistic system. We conclude with proverbial saying the taste of the pudding is in its eating. You call it placebo or anything else, these tools definitely have proven their efficacy since time immemorial.

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