Difference between Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki evolved out of the Usui Reiki system and it is not a substitute for traditional Reiki. In fact, Karuna Reiki is taught only to level 2 practitioners of Usui Reiki and the Karuna Reiki mastership is given only to Usui Reiki Masters.

The method of healing in Karuna Reiki is the same as in Usui Reiki, just that the Karuna Reiki symbols are added to it.

There is a definite and noticeable difference to the feel of both the energies. Karuna feels softer and more enveloping but the healing is deeper with a combination of both systems. Also, the combination of both the systems accelerates the concrete spiritual growth which is the ultimate purpose of any holistic healing system.

With Karuna Reiki, there is more self-growth as energy blocks surface and clamor for attention. As we deal with these and clear them off with healing, we experience many changes in ourselves and life situations. We are forced to look more deeply at the issues that are causing stagnation in our development and work more diligently at cleansing and healing with faster and more concrete results.

Working with issues of self-growth is not always comfortable but with Karuna Reiki we are able to look at ourselves with compassion and see clearly what we need to clear off and what to bring into our lives. By incorporating Karuna Reiki with Traditional or Usui Reiki, we get much more empowered and enlightened.

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