Code of Ethics


We will treat the information our clients give us as confidential and will not disclose what is revealed in their readings unless at their express request, if ordered by a court or in the event of a life threatening situation.


We will treat all our clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference.


We will interpret our clients readings honestly and to the best of our ability. We will not impose information on them that they have specifically asked not to be told or have advised they do not wish to explore. We will always strive to make readings as positive as possible and I believe there is a silver lining to be found even in the worst situations. At the same time, We will not sugar coat information for our clients, We will give as accurate and honest a reading as we possibly can. If for any reason we are unable to read a client, we will admit so freely.


The services we provide are not a substitute for professional mental health services nor should they ever take the place of a doctor, lawyer, or any other licensed professional. In these cases, We will encourage our clients to seek the assistance of a relevant professional.

Empowerment and Responsibility

We will encourage our clients to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions and to always act in accordance with their own conscience. Our goal is always to empower our clients to make positive, practical and life affirming choices. We will strive to provide a positive message in every reading. We will advise our clients that they can affect the outcome of any reading and that they have free will and personal responsibility. We will never deliberately attempt to alarm or frighten my clients. We will not allow our clients to become overly dependent on our readings and will not pressure them to purchase additional readings or services.


As the future is not set in stone and the smallest action can change the course of a life, We will never predict deaths, births or the outcomes of illnesses. We will not perform a reading that is specifically about a third party without that person’s consent. We reserve the right to refuse to do such a reading even with consent. We also reserve the right to refuse a reading if we believe the client is under 18 or does not have the capacity to consent to a reading.