What is Reiki Attunements?

In Reiki, attunement is a very important procedure. The simplest explanation of attunement is to initiate a seeker to the fold of Reiki by the Master teacher. When an individual expresses the desire to be initiated to Reiki, the Master teacher assures himself that the person to be initiated or attuned is capable to receive […]


When It comes to treating addictions, be it alcohol, smoking, even soft-drinks, sleep, tea, coffee, drugs any kind of addictions and even workaholics –the work addicted, each and every kind of addiction can be healed with this Universal Life Force Energy. Although, there is no “One Size Fits All” approach to the recovery process, but […]

What is Reiki Music?

In the world of holistic therapies, every resource we use has multidimensional effects, and so is in the case of Reiki music i.e., Reiki sound therapy. While listening to soothing music, we can just flow and move in the sphere of peace the music creates. The heartbeat slows, blood pressure decreases, respiration deepens. As we […]

Reiki Rays -To Bring The dead to Life

Cough in the web of careers, education, jobs, goals, salaries, house works, bills, stress, depression, suppression, abuse, physical ailments, health issues and never ending demands of this so called civilized society, some of us are a machine. Working 24×7 just to satisfy all these life needs which are basic wearing a smile on face does […]

Reiki: A Ray of Hope

Ever felt as if you’re lost in the dark forest of life; or all your dreams have shattered one by one; as if you should give up towards the battle of life; surrender to live at once;  exhausted, or just to give up to live. Then the last thing life can give you, is Reiki […]

The Antahkarana Symbol Or The Rainbow Bridge

The ‘Antahkarana’ symbol is the most powerful healing symbol and it works without any attunement also. It acts as a bridge between the physical self and the higher spiritual self; or the connection between our brain and our higher self. It is the only 3-Dimensional symbol of Reiki. It is a part of spiritual anatomy […]

The Chakras

  The Chakras “Chakras” is a word from Sanskrit origin meaning a “wheel”. A human body consists of 48 chakras in total, out of which 7 are the major chakras. There are the energy centers and are always rotating in circular motions. And these chakras form an essential part of the Aura. These 7 major […]


  From the age of 9 I’ve travelled my very personal path internally and usually, externally, Many points acquired right here to me whereas was grossly unaware of loads. And thirty-five years later I uncover that whereas loads has occurred, loads is the samę. And however there’s radical change. What have been glimpses of mysticism […]