Are Reiki Attunement Necessary

A very pertinent question arises when we explain Reiki itself. As defined Reiki is Universal Life Energy Force. It is omnipotent and omnipresent and is present in all living beings. Therefore the question arises as to why an individual cannot heal oneself, especially when one is endowed with this Universal Life Energy Force. And why a formal ceremony for attunement or initiation is required. The simple answer to these questions is that in our traditional educational system, it is ingrained that the flow of knowledge is to be initiated by the “Guru” or the teacher. However the knowledge gained through the initiation is only an act of introduction of the pathway to the disciple. With the time one continues to get more and more knowledge, one becomes learned and practical to show the results of his wisdom. We may say our traditional method of initiation by the teacher is natural and the pupil’s humility, a matter of good behavior.

In west of the traditional way of imparting knowledge is just not there. Therefore, the question, why the attunement at all? Coming back to the question of the Reiki attunement, Reiki has flourished with many off-shoots particularly the Energy healing. Energy healers, if I may say so, have turned their back to Reiki. They claim that energy healing is more fruitful, although they all started as Reiki students but later in their lives channeled their knowledge to different healing practices. In west, excepting those who believe in metaphysical approach of the past, are most healing is religion oriented, e.g. the angelic healing etc.

India the study is spiritual based. The nearest term to attunement/initiation is “Deeksha”. Simply meaning, leading you to the path of knowledge. Reiki attunement does not only impart theoretical or practical knowledge but also opens your sub-conscious mind to your own inner self and enhances to reveal your inner and inherent potential. This knowledge is increased in potential and one may gain special techniques and abilities with time.

Reiki attunement is self-realization. One may experience complete transformation to enjoy the beauty of sublime, leading to a deep and strong contact with the higher self.

A Reiki Grand Master of repute Katys Ki has compared attunement with learning of a musical instrument without proper knowledge and learning a musical instrument will play incoherent   notes that may sometimes be jarring to the ears. To be a Reiki enthusiast you not only need a proper attunement but also constant practice to get the miraculous results and also to attain the enshrined destination of enlightenment.

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